Slip and Fall

Slip and Fall Lawyers in Waterdown, St Thomas and Fort Erie

Slip and fall accidents, otherwise known as premises liability accidents, may sound superficial. But as experienced Ontario personal injury lawyers, we know that slip and fall accidents can be far more than they sound.

Slip and Fall Accidents Are Caused By Negligence

Each day, Ontario residents are injured and sometimes killed while on the property of another private owner, a business or even a municipality. And many of these accidents are caused by negligence. Individuals, companies or municipalities can be held accountable for the Injuries or fatalities caused by hazards and safety issues on their property.

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What is Considered a Slip and Fall?

The Ontario Owner’s Liability Act governs slip and fall accidents in our province. It states that an owner or “occupier” owes those who use that property a duty of care that they can expect to be reasonably safe when using that property.

Slip and fall claims can be complex, however. As a victim, it becomes your responsibility to prove that the owner or occupier was negligent in addressing dangers or hazards and failed to practice reasonable standards of care. These hazards or dangers can take the form of things such as

  • Not removing snow and ice buildup where people walk daily
  • Not correcting loose footing or carpeting in public areas
  • Not installing adequate safety features such as lighting, high-traction flooring, railings, security cameras, smoke alarms
  • Not repairing dangerous or hazardous conditions
  • Not routinely inspecting the property for hazards
  • Side-impact acNot training personnel how to deal with hazards and maintain premisescidents
  • Not posting adequate signage warning of dangers or hazards

Duty of Care

These would be considered a breach of the duty of care and would signify liability if an accident took place on the property. An Ontario personal injury lawyer can help you prove negligence and a breach of duty of care by means of witness testimony, photographs, maintenance records and surveillance cameras, among other things.

Slip and fall claims can be for losses sustained due to that breach. They can include:

  • Medical expenses -- your medical expenses and all costs associated with your injury
  • Loss of income -- compensation for any time you were out of work because of the accident
  • Family member compensation -- any money that family members paid toward your recovery
  • Pain and suffering -- if neglect was extensive, the offender may be ordered to pay punitive damages to you in the way of pain and suffering compensation

We Only Focus on the Victims of Accidents

At Barapp Law Firm, we focus on the victims of slip and fall accidents and injuries caused by the negligence of others. If you have been injured in a slip and fall accident, contact our team of legal experts. We have represented victims of slip and fall accidents in Waterdown, St Thomas, Fort Erie and throughout Ontario, always seeking the maximum in financial compensation for our clients. Call us today. You don’t pay unless we win.